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Workshop Team

Tom Pagliaro

Koenigsegg Senior Certified Technician

I am proud to be part of the SuperVettura and Koenigsegg team and always look forward to Christian von Koenigsegg’s next creation!

When asked about his role
Tom Pagliaro

Tom started as an Apprentice Technician and completed the four year manufacturer programme to become fully qualified. A move in manufacturer provided Tom with the opportunity to specialise in diagnostics, a move for him which proved to be wise when understanding today’s motor car. He mastered this specialist field and was promoted to Diagnostic Technician.

Tom applies a 360degree approach in general and was keen to understand the customer facing part of the business but wanted to maintain his Technical and Diagnostic skillset so re-trained and made the change in role to Service Advisor where he was able to to learn more about a service department as a whole, gain further knowledge of the business, and keep up-to-date with his training whenever possible. Meanwhile motor cars were rapidly moving on in terms of technology and Tom, keen to to return to the tools, returned to the workshop as Technician with Bentley. After just two years he qualified as Bentley Diagnostic Technician. Tom joined the team at Supervettura to have the opportunity of working on the best cars in the world satisfying his hunger to further his diagnostic skills. In November 2016 he became the first Certified Koenigsegg Technician in the UK.

His three car dream garage?

Koenigsegg One:1 chassis 109
Ferrari F12tdf
Lamborgini Aventador SVJ