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Koenigsegg Upgrades

Owning a Koenigsegg is about self-fulfillment, passion and performance. Driving your Koenigsegg should always be a joyful experience and Koenigsegg Service is here to make sure that your car is always performing at its best.

We strive to maintain the highest quality, flexible and customised service at reasonable rates in order to make the Koenigsegg experience as pleasurable as possible.

Regardless of whether your Koenigsegg is a daily driver or a weekend warrior, your Koenigsegg is a performance vehicle without peer. It can only give maximum performance and long-term enjoyment when maintained correctly. It is therefore crucial to service your car at the right intervals and according to factory standards. A correctly maintained Koenigsegg gives greater satisfaction, preserves your re-sale value and ensures the maximum degree of safety.

World-wide service is conducted by our Koenigsegg factory trained technicians. Service arrangements can be customised to the type of service needed and the mileage of your car. Specialty locations for service can also be arranged in dialogue with you, depending on the location of the car and type of service needed.

We are able to offer a wide variety of upgrades to your CC8S, CCR, CCX, and Agera models. To name but a few options we can supply; Carbon air core wheel set (CCX & Agera), Agera style steering wheel (CCX), paddleshift gearbox conversion (CCX), new engine management system (CCR), parking sensors, or even full customisation of interior and exterior colours. With the upgrade programme you can make any Koenigsegg regardless of age benefit from the technology seen in the latest model year cars.
If you have any questions regarding service, upgrades or want to arrange a service booking, please complete the enquiry form below and a member of the aftersales team will be in contact.

Alternatively give us a call +44 (0)1344 620072.